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This is a little preview-photoset of our upcoming Avengers Cosplay we’re planning in March next year (at Leipzig Book Fair).

I am so excited and so happy to be part of the cosplay group as Cpt. America/Steve Rogers because I will have the most awesome and wonderful Tony Stark cosplayer by my side <3<3<3

She was visiting us this weekend and we took the opportunity to have a little fun photoshoot. Sadly I don’t have any proper Cap cosplay yet (as I only own the wig and the contacts … yet!) so I had to improvise a little bit. Nontheless we had a hell lot of fun that day and I am pretty sure there are more previews to come (for example when I am making my shield etc.)

Check out Tony’s dA! She is a wonderful Tony Stark cosplayer and I immediatly fell in love with her version of Tony when I saw her in costume at Connichi in September. And as I was planning to cosplay Cap one day anyway we decided to do it together someday. But then suddenly a few days later my GF and I got a text in which she asked us to joing their cosplay group in Leipzig next spring.

How could we say no? It’s a wonderful opportunity and it will be the fun of our life (after we will have walked through hell while MAKING the actual combat/battle costumes from the Avengers movie…)

I’m so looking forward to this!!!!ASKSLJAKJGASHGSABH ALL THE STONY FEELS!

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    Okay so obviously none of us managed to make the costumes until march. But it will happen this year, I SWEAR!
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    You two look gorgeous! I’m really looking forward to this cosplaygroup!